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Relocation – Are you ready for an adventure?

You just found your dream job advertised online, but you are in Ohio and the job is in Kansas City. So, you spend a few minutes thinking about it and then move on to the next job. The thought of moving is just too overwhelming when you consider your immediate family, the house, the relatives, your friends. Yikes!!! It’s too much…or is it? I joke with people that I have become a relocation expert. I have moved for either my job or my husband’s job five times in our marriage, and I have personally lived in seven different states. We have lived from coast to coast and several states in between, and each time we have viewed our moves as an “adventure”. Don’t get me wrong; there is a lot of wo

Maury Hennessy Speaks on Succession Planning

Maury Hennessy, Senior Search Consultant at TCG was invited to speak at the NAMIC Claims Conference in Florida, which occurred February 10th through 12th. Maury addressed a group of Claims Leaders on the topic of “Succession Planning”. This was an interactive session demonstrating the value and ease of implementing a practical approach to succession planning at all levels of an organization. Participants learned how to assess the strengths of their associates and their opportunities for development while identifying talent gaps in their organizations. In this session, participants were able to identify the key tools and strategies that they could use to develop and retain talent and ultimate

Employment Summary for January 2020

In the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation report, the U.S. saw employment rise by 225,000 in January, while unemployment remained about the same at 3.6%. The numbers show that “U.S. employers ramped up hiring in January and wage gains rebounded, providing fresh evidence of a durable jobs market that backs the Federal Reserve’s decision to stop cutting interest rates and hands President Donald Trump an early election-year boost,” according to Bloomberg. Notably, there were strong gains in a number of industries during January, according to the report, including construction, healthcare and transportation and warehousing. Along with the strong job gains and a low unemployment rat

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