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Global Talent Update -- July 2018

Europe, Middle East and Africa Switzerland's economy has been notably uneven during the first half of 2018. However, according to the Financial Times, things could be returning to a level of relative stability during this year's midpoint. Gains in domestic consumption and exports fueled an uptick in Switzerland's KOF Economic Barometer, even as Swiss stalwarts like pharmaceuticals didn't perform as strongly as usual. Switzerland also took the No. 1 spot on the Global Innovation Index's list of the world's most innovative economies for 2018 - ahead of several nearby nations, like Sweden, the Netherlands and the U.K. The GII cited the country's strong manufacturing sector, thorough patent laws

Employment Summary for July 2018

The job gains initially estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for June were recalculated from 213,000 to 248,000. As such, some economists consider the total increase in nonfarm payroll employment for July - 157,000 jobs - an even more significant decline from June's numbers. Other analysts see it more as a regression to the mean: a more typical and sustainable pace of healthy job growth than the almost hyper-real gains that long stretches of 2017 and 2018 have seen. That said, the July figure is considerably less than what some experts predicted: Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected a mean increase of 193,000 jobs, while a similar questionnaire from Reuters came up with an a

4 Ways to Plan the Growth of Your Company in the Instant Information Era

Today’s senior business managers face not only traditional business planning tasks when driving growth within their organization, but also the need to understand new marketing challenges and opportunities presented by technologies that were not taught in business schools even five or ten years ago. Key among those business planning elements are marketing and public relations planning that leverages the latest technologies to communicate your company’s mission, focus and differentiated, competitive advantages. Leaders also need to plan digital defenses against issues that can arise virtually overnight even as they deploy new marketing tools and techniques. Here are four ways you can promote y

TCG Discusses Hot Topics in the Mutual Insurance Space

The Mid-Atlantic Mutual Insurance Conference is an event that TCG has attended for over 10 years including last week in Baltimore. Attending is an excellent opportunity for TCG to be in front of many current clients and as well as potential future clients. Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to see candidates that we have placed with our Mutual company clients, now attending the conference and contributing to the legacy of the Mutual company world. Because the Insurance world continues to change and grow (literally every day), the subject matter experts/speakers at the conference are often compelled to address these fast-paced changes. As Insurance products develop and the need for

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