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TCG understands the importance of partnering with a recruiting firm that is both ethical and effective. We respect the confidentiality of our candidates’ information, notify them of any opportunities for which they qualify, and communicate honestly in order to define responsibilities and manage expectations.


Our team has filled roles such as: CEO; CFO; CMO; COO; CIO; CHRO; President; Executive Director; HR - (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist); IT - (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist); Marketing- (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist); Accounting - (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist) Controller; Finance - (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist)
Treasurer and Portfolio Manager; Fundraising- (VP, Director,Manager, Specialist); Logistics (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist); Distribution (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist); Programs (VP, Director, Manager, Specialist), and more.


Tony Frey, CSO

Tony E. Frey, CSM

Chief Sales Officer

Adam Dillon

Adam C. Dillon

Associate Search Consultant

Josh Clark

Josh G. Clark

Internet Researcher

Our talented team is ready to get to work for you. Contact us for more info.

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