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Food Ingredients

Ingredients, Flavors, & Consumer Goods

TCG understands the importance of partnering with a recruiting firm that is both ethical and effective. We respect the confidentiality of our candidates’ information, notify them of any opportunities for which they qualify, and communicate honestly to define responsibilities and manage expectations.

TCG's Ingredients, Flavors, & Consumer Goods division has filled extensive roles ranging from Ingredients and Flavors supplied B2B and B2C as well as finished products including Food, Beverage, Pet Food, Animal Health & Nutrition, and Human Health & Nutrition. This diverse yet cohesive footprint allows TCG to effectively serve clients across multiple industries.



Kaitlyn W. Vinson, CSAM

Managing Director

Courtney Schoen, Food Manufacturing

Courtney E. Feagley

Assistant Search Consultant


Nathan L. Higley

Assistant Search Consultant

Tony Frey, CSO

Tony E. Frey, CSM

Chief Sales Officer

Areas of Expertise

Ingredients & Flavors

Value-add and commodity-based ingredients sold B2B and B2C


Animal Health & Nutrition

Feed, Feed Additives, Pet Food, Pet Treats, Supplements, and Veterinary Medicine


Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Bakery, Beverage, Canned, Confectionery, Dairy, Frozen, Grain, and Meat


Human Health & Nutrition

Dietary Supplements, Functional Food & Beverage, and Infant Nutrition


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