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Bert F. Wendeln, President & CEO


Bert F. Wendeln

Shelly Wendeln, COO/Co-Owner


Shelly Wendeln

Tony Frey, CSO

Chief Sales Officer

Tony Frey, CSM

Margaret Christlieb, Director, HR & Accounting

Director, HR & Accounting

Margaret Christlieb

Steve Bond, Insurance Recruiter

Search Consultant, Insurance

Steve Bond

Josh Clark, Internet Researcher

Internet Researcher

Josh Clark

Adam Dillon, Talent Acquisition Manager

Associate Search Consultant

Adam Dillon

Marc Gyimesi, Insurance Recruiter

Managing Director, Insurance

Marc A. Gyimesi, CSAM

Nathan Higley, Recruiter

Assistant Search Consultant, 

Food Manufacturing

Nathan L. Higley

Gabrielle James, Assistant Search Consultant

Assistant Search Consultant, Distribution/Logistics

Gabrielle James


Managing Director, Grocery Retail

Brett C. Myers, CSAM

Pam Pfeninger, Internet Researcher

Senior Internet Researcher

Pamela Pfeninger

Brian Schrift, Insurance Recruiter

Senior Search Consultant, Insurance

Brian J. Schrift

Ryley Schrift, Data Specialist

Data Specialist

Ryley A. Schrift

Courtney Schoen, Recruiter

Assistant Search Consultant

Courtney E. Schoen

Kaitlyn Vinson, Food Manufacturing Recruiter

Managing Director, Food Manufacturing

Kaitlyn W. Vinson, CSAM

Travis Walker, Manufacturing Recruiter

Senior Search Consultant,
General Manufacturing

Travis W. Walker, CSAM

Samantha Wallace

Project Assistant,
Food Manufacturing

Samantha (Sam) Wallace

Jon Wendeln, Healthcare Recruiter

Search Consultant,

Jonathan T. Wendeln

Professional Affiliates

Camille K Cherry

Senior Consultant, Nonprofit

Camille Kostelac-Cherry

Jesse Sailer, Marketing Manager

Marketing Consultant

Jesse L. Sailer

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