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Grocery Team Attends NGA in Vegas

This week, TCG's Grocery team (Senior Search Consultant, Brett Myers & Chief Sales Officer, Tony Frey) excitedly exhibited at their first NGA conference in Las Vegas. Not able to attend or to stop by TCG's booth, but want to learn more about what TCG has to offer? Contact Brett Myers at or 717-207-8786.

Grocery Runs in the Family for Search Consultant, Brett Myers

Many people have told me that working in the grocery industry "gets in your blood." This recently unearthed picture of my grandparents' grocery store in rural Pennsylvania proves that grocery is in my DNA! Brett is a Senior Search Consultant & Team Leader for the Grocery Retail division of TCG and has been with the company since 2001. If you'd like to speak with Brett on how TCG can help you find the best talent for your organization or the best organization for your talent, he can be reached at or 717-207-8786.

Global Talent Update -- February 2018

Europe, Middle East and Africa In a year of significant transition and upheaval for France, effects on the country’s economy were to be expected. Fortunately for new French president Emmanuel Macron, most of them were positive. According to the Financial Tribune, France's national deficit came in at 67.8 billion euro, an improvement of $1.3 billion from the previous year and better than the outgoing administration's past prediction of a 69.3 billion euro deficit. Final economic metrics for 2017 have yet to be released, but French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire stated his prediction of 2 per cent economic growth for the year, a positive revision from previous estimates of 1.7 per

Employment Summary for January 2018

With the first month of a new year in the books, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its first Employment Situation Summary of 2018, and found that the pattern of fairly robust job growth and low unemployment seen in the booming economy of last year continued. Nonfarm payroll businesses across all sectors added 200,000 jobs in January 2018, a significant uptick from the approximately 160,000 new positions created in December 2017 (revised upward from the BLS's initial tally of 148,000 jobs). Unemployment remained static at its record low of 4.1 percent for the fourth month in a row. Leading economic experts surveyed by Bloomberg had expected a slightly more modest median figure of 180,00

The benefit of unrehearsed answers and how to get them in an interview

By the time a candidate is brought in for an interview, initial screening through a resume and frequently a phone interview, have already warranted them a good match for your company - on paper that is. The objective of bringing the applicant into the office for an interview, is to get a clearer picture of their personality, work ethic and values. To do so, you'll need to elicit open, honest answers from the candidate. Any candidate that makes it to the in-person interview stage is capable of doing their research, preparing for questions and prepping answers they believe the employer wants to hear. While this demonstrates commitment of time and consideration prior to the interview, you also

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