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The Lunch Interview!

Congratulations! You have received a second interview for that dream job you’ve always wanted. Even better, it’s going to be over lunch, so you know the job is practically yours, as this will be an easy interview, right? Not so fast! Don’t assume that a lunch interview is easy. Here are a few pointers that may just help you land that coveted role. ​ Be sure you know who will be attending the interview, and their titles and relationships to the job you’re considering. Often times other members of the company are included, so they’ll have an opportunity to meet you before you’re hired. And don’t assume it’s not an interview, because it is! The hiring leader likely wants to see how you inter

Employment Summary for February 2018

The rate of job growth in the U.S. has been robust over the past several months as 2017 transitioned into 2018. Yet the expansion seen during February 2018 defeated expectations by a considerable margin. According to the latest edition of the Employment Situation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfarm businesses in America's private sector added 313,000 positions during the month. This figure was far ahead of estimates from a Bloomberg survey of prominent economists, who had predicted a gain of 205,000 jobs - strong, but still considerably less than the final tally. Meanwhile, unemployment held steady at approximately 4.1 percent. February 2018 marks the fifth straight month du

Successful Shadow Day with SHIP

Yesterday, TCG hosted its second successful Shippensburg University Shadow Day! SHIP is such a huge part of our organization -- both owners (Bert & Shelly Wendeln) are SHIP grads; as well as Director of HR & Accounting, Margaret Christlieb; Project Manager, Andy Buffington; and one of our newest employees, Search Consultant, Heather Hockenberry. We hope you enjoyed your day at TCG, Samantha, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Any SHIP Juniors majoring in Business, Communications & Psychology who are interested in internship opportunities should stop by our booth at the SHIP Job & Internship Fair on March 22 to learn all about the program!

Global Talent Update -- March 2018

Europe, Middle East and Africa Leaders of the European Union's 27 member nations met Feb. 22 in Berlin for a conference largely focused on the economy of the region, according to Reuters. Just before this event took place, German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained some of her intended talking points for the summit to the lower Bundestag house of the German parliament. Prominent among these was the desire for a renewed sense of European unity in the wake of England's Brexit public referendum and subsequent invocation of Article 50 to begin leaving the EU. As the biggest economy in the post-Brexit EU, Germany would now be responsible for the lion's share of the common budget that funds various

How Managers Can Best Motivate Top-Performers

Top-performing employees are a critical force at your company, capable of 400 percent greater productivity than the average worker, according to research published in Personnel Psychology. Beyond their personal output, top talent inspire and motivate other employees to do their best work. Despite their production and leadership capabilities, top performers need to be motivated too, and this is largely the responsibility of the manager. As the Harvard Business Review notes, top talent at an organization are often defined as such in part because they have the technical skills and interpersonal adeptness to do their managers' jobs. This in turn makes them more sensitive to areas where managemen

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