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Update: Travis Walker on Manufacturing Talk Radio TODAY!

If you missed Travis Walker's live podcast, don't worry! You can still listen to the recorded version of "Two (2) Very Different Discussions on Manufacturing: Recruiting and Biotechnology" here. Tune in at 1pm (ET) TODAY to hear manufacturing search consultant Travis Walker share how TCG's consulting services can help manufacturers provide workers with the necessary skills to move forward in a field where automation is wiping out many manufacturing jobs. Listen in on Manufacturing Talk Radio with hosts Tim Grady & Lew Weiss. Contact Travis at or 717-254-4839.

Is the company right for you?

We're always hearing about "company culture." But what does it mean for you as a possible candidate? Tune in for part 2 of "Interview Tips from TCG" with Project Manager, Andy Buffington. He'll share the ins and outs of knowing a company's culture and how to get to the heart of it. Contact Andy at or 717-205-2136. Haven't seen part 1 in the series? Go here to view it.

The Recruiter's View: Top Hiring Insights of 2017

According to a June New York Times article, “We may be closer to full employment than it seemed.” Based on the May jobs report, the source asserts the possibility that this is as good as it will get for the United States labor market. Why? Slowed job growth with 121,000 new positions as the three-month average, and an all-time low of 4.3 percent for the unemployment rate - not because of more people finding work - but because of modest wage increases and a labor force that has been shrinking for the last few years. This dynamic is particularly apparent in the executive, managerial and professional job market where many companies are focused on expanding, but are finding it difficult to locat

Global Talent Update -- July 2017

Europe, Middle East and Africa The U.K.'s negotiating strategy for Brexit underwent further clarification following the Queen's Speech in June. In the speech, the Queen detailed 24 new bills proposed by the U.K. government, 19 of which relate to giving greater power to Edinburgh following Brexit, the BBC reported. A "Repeal Bill" was also presented which would honor current EU laws as UK laws, as well as grant a temporary power to the U.K. Parliament to modify laws that do not "operate appropriately" following leaving the EU, the BBC explained. The speech follows Prime Minister Theresa May’s loss in the general election. Neither party gained the 326 seats necessary to secure a majority in th

Employment Summary for June 2017

The June Employment Situation released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the U.S. economy added 222,000 jobs. This far exceeded analysts’ expectations of just over 170,000 jobs. The current unemployment rate is 4.4 percent. Healthcare added 37,000 jobs, with 25,000 of these roles increasing in ambulatory healthcare services, and 12,000 in hospitals. Despite continued job growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the average number of monthly jobs added in healthcare in 2017 is 24,000 vs. an average of 32,000 jobs per month in 2016. Professional and business services continued its growth trend, adding 35,000 jobs in June. Food services and drinking places also saw continue

Let’s Get Engaged! (No diamond necessary.)

The two most popular questions in the search world: What is your fee? And, will you conduct this role on a contingency basis? Maybe you have spoken to a company or been the company who says: “The role has been open for months! We need this filled yesterday!” “We have seen a lot of resumes but haven’t found the right fit.” And even better, “We have multiple firms working on the search but still no viable candidates.” Red flags go off to a search firm when they hear these statements! Why haven’t you been able to find the right fit if the role has been open for months? Why have you seen that number of resumes but haven’t found a person you can hire? And why do you think that putting multiple fi

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