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Global Talent Update -- May 2019

Europe, Middle East and Africa Prime Minister Theresa May presented another attempt at a negotiated Brexit agreement to Parliament 21 May. Her administration claims the new prospective deal includes assurances designed to appeal to both Labour and Conservative sides of the aisle. However, the Guardian reported that those in the legislature's latter wing are already making plans to move forward without May's leadership. Some appear willing to pursue a "no-deal Brexit" that could considerably limit the U.K.'s ability to trade with European Union states after Britain separates from the EU on the new 31 Oct. deadline. According to BBC News, Brexit-related turmoil has already significantly detrac

Career Pathing: Key to Attracting the Best Talent

When a candidate applies to a job at your organization, chances are they’re unhappy at their current company for a number of reasons, including a poor manager or a need for higher earning potential. However, a desire for upward mobility is the top motivation for a job search, according to 30% of candidates in the 2019 MRINetwork Recruitment Trends Study. Some additional drivers include: Seeking more compensation: 25% Didn’t like their boss: 19% Contract assignment ended: 15% Switched to a different industry or sector: 13% It’s essential to anticipate this top job change motivator and to have prepared strategies in your interviewing and hiring processes that respond to this driver. “With near

Employment Summary for June 2019

The June Employment Situation showed a large increase in nonfarm payroll employment to the tune of 224,000 new jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This comes off the heels of a growth reduction for May’s figures which saw just 75,000 jobs added, which was the only month in 2019 (since February) to fall short of six-figure growth. According to Bloomberg, U.S. hiring rebounded and topped all economists' estimates, “a sign of labor-market strength that may ease calls for a Federal Reserve interest-rate cut.” Notably, the number of additional jobs signified a huge boost when compared to Bloomberg’s estimate, which was based on economists projections of 160,000 new jobs versus

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