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TCG Team Makes Connections at WSIA

Last week, Steve Bond (Search Consultant) and Bert Wendeln (President & CEO) headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for the WSIA conference (April 12-13). Because WSIA is such a great support to the Wholesale Industry, allowing for networking opportunities and time to meet with current connections and build new relationships, our team thought it was imperative to attend and support the industry as well. This year's attendance was over 1300, and the TCG team was able to meet with many leaders to assess their current talent acquisition needs, and we have already begun the process to fill those critical needs and aid their clients’ profitability. TCG has been a member of both AAMGA and NAPLSO in the pas

TCG Attends the PAMIC Claims Summit

Senior Search Consultant, Brian Schrift attended the Annual PAMIC Claims Summit on April 10 & 11 in Gettysburg. The Claims Summit was a success with attendance at over 300, and it was a great way for TCG to not only support PAMIC, but also have valuable interaction with some of our existing clients and the opportunity for new potential partnerships. For over 10 years, TCG has been an active member of PAMIC and the PAMIC Conferences, such as the Claims Summit. These events are a great way to strengthen the relationships in the Mutual Insurance company arena. If you weren't able to catch up with Brian at the Claims Summit, and you're interested in gathering some information on how TCG can work

How company benefits and incentives can drive employee engagement

Recruiting and retaining top talent has a lot to do with the benefits and incentives offered at your company. Today, it can be difficult to discern what it is that really attracts employees, and then what continues to motivate them once they've been hired. There needs to be a balance between over-the-top perks like unlimited vacation days and a good package of traditional benefits like a 401(k). No matter which direction your company chooses to take, benefits and incentives can help drive employee engagement. Here's how: Encourage work - life balance Citing data from the Corporate Executive Board, covering the majority of Fortune 500 companies, Inc. reported that workers who feel good about

Employment Summary for March 2018

The pace of job growth in the U.S. slowed down somewhat during March 2018, by comparison to the month before. On a general level, indicators for this period continued to exemplify the sustained boom of the American economy. Nevertheless, some concerns exist among business leaders and economic experts regarding what the reduction in pace might signify, particularly for trade in the near future. According to the latest edition of the Employment Situation Summary released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfarm businesses in the U.S. added 103,000 jobs. The unemployment rate, meanwhile, remained static at 4.1 percent for the sixth month in a row. This newest figure does represent a drop of s

Global Talent Update -- April 2018

Europe, Middle East and Africa After a year characterized by considerable sociopolitical unrest, government and business leaders from the European Union's second-largest economy likely hoped for news of economic growth to round 2017 out on a positive note. France's statistics agency INSEE released final figures for 2017's economic progress, indicating 2 per cent GDP expansion, slightly ahead of the 1.7 per cent it had projected for the year, according to Agence France-Presse. Given new French President Emmanuel Macron's strong focus on business development and other domestic policy, this growth can be seen as an early victory for the current government. This news helped motivate UBS Wealth M

Generating Talent Requires Trust & Fundamentals

In today’s work environment – specifically, the Mutual Insurance company space – there seems to be some frustration when it comes to hiring the ‘next generation.’ As I have spoken with several of my clients over the years, the sentiment seems to be the same – How do I attract new talent that can eventually become my successor? What is the correct methodology to hire the next generation? Is it attending every college’s job fair within a 100 mile radius to try and recruit new graduates? Is it posting your entry-level positions on every possible media outlet that you can think of? I know there are a lot of questions we can ask ourselves – I have heard many of them. As we try to find the answer

TCG attends SHIP Career Fair

Last week (Thursday, 3/30), Adam Dillon and Tony Frey attended the Shippensburg University Career/Internship Fair held in the CUB (Ceddia Union Building) at SHIP. With approximately 50+ employers and a couple hundred students in attendance, the fair was a great place for TCG to seek out possible interns to join the TCG team. The goal of our internship program is to give current students (preferably sophomores and juniors) real-life experience as a recruiter or what we call a “Search Consultant” in hopes that they might have the desire (and ability) to eventually become a permanent part of the team! We look forward to following up with the students we have already met with and learning if TCG

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