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Relocation – Are you ready for an adventure?

You just found your dream job advertised online, but you are in Ohio and the job is in Kansas City. So, you spend a few minutes thinking about it and then move on to the next job. The thought of moving is just too overwhelming when you consider your immediate family, the house, the relatives, your friends. Yikes!!! It’s too much…or is it?

I joke with people that I have become a relocation expert. I have moved for either my job or my husband’s job five times in our marriage, and I have personally lived in seven different states. We have lived from coast to coast and several states in between, and each time we have viewed our moves as an “adventure”.

Don’t get me wrong; there is a lot of work to do when relocating, but there is also a lot of fun. We have had many great experiences along the way that have shaped who we are, and the way our family adjusts to change, not to mention the lasting friendships we have forged.

The first move is always the hardest. I met my husband after moving to Chicago for a job. The move there was a big cultural change for me after growing up in New England. However, I was young and had no real estate ties, and there was an excitement about moving to a new city and meeting new people which I thoroughly enjoyed.

When my husband was offered a role in Seattle, it was hard for him to consider leaving all of his family in Chicago, but because I was there to support him and suggested that he look at the move as an adventure, he was up for the challenge. We had so much fun exploring the West Coast and seeing a different part of the US that we had never explored before.

After spending 12 years in Seattle and having two sons and a home with many friends nearby, I was recruited for a great job opportunity back in Pennsylvania. This time, we had more to think about than just the two of us and my job. There was his job, the boys, day care, and our lifestyle. We had laid down roots, and this was going to be a really big change impacting not just my husband and myself, but our boys too.

We made a list of pros and cons and when the pro’s outweighed the cons, we had our answer. The best decision we made was to involve our sons and got them excited about going on a new adventure and finding a new home. We moved right after the school year ended and spent that summer exploring our new home state, which they just loved. The move made the boys closer! They became each other’s best friend that summer.

My husband and I look back on all the moves we have made as a result of job changes, and we both agree that we would not change a single move we’ve made. We’ve enjoyed each of the states and places we’ve lived. Each move has shaped who we are and provided us with many lifelong experiences and friends that we would never have experienced had we not been up for an adventure.

So, the next time you see a job opportunity that looks exciting and may be the next great career move for you, ask yourself if you are ready for an adventure.


If you'd like to learn more about relocation or any of the services TCG offers, please contact Maury at or 515-528-2614.

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