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TCG Creates Important Relationships at NAMIC Conference

The NAMIC Annual Conference is an event TCG has attended for several years. As one of the premier executive search & recruitment firms dedicated to the P&C industry, our organization feels this conference is not only a great opportunity to visit face-to-face with long-time clients but also create new relationships, which is one of the aspects we enjoy the most.

Marc Gyimesi, Insurance Recruiter

While at the conference, Marc Gyimesi and Maury Hennessy were involved in several discussions with clients surrounding the topics of recruitment, succession planning, compensation analysis, and Board governance.

As a staunch supporter of pushing the P&C industry forward, TCG is pleased to back NAMIC not only as an exhibitor at this conference but also as the official sponsor of the Ward Group’s Compensation Survey & Analysis.

Maury Hennessy, Insurance Recruiter

If you were not able to attend the conference, please do not hesitate to call, or write Marc or Maury at:

Marc Gyimesi, Senior Search Consultant 717-207-9570

Maury Hennessy, Senior Search Consultant 515-528-2614

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