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TCG Discusses Hot Topics in the Mutual Insurance Space

The Mid-Atlantic Mutual Insurance Conference is an event that TCG has attended for over 10 years including last week in Baltimore. Attending is an excellent opportunity for TCG to be in front of many current clients and as well as potential future clients. Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to see candidates that we have placed with our Mutual company clients, now attending the conference and contributing to the legacy of the Mutual company world.

Because the Insurance world continues to change and grow (literally every day), the subject matter experts/speakers at the conference are often compelled to address these fast-paced changes. As Insurance products develop and the need for additional products grows, the need for additional talent grows as well. And along with the need for new talent that addresses the progressive product changes, Succession Planning is always a hot button issue in the Mutual company space. Being able to have face-to-face conversations in a more relaxed atmosphere, while at the Conference, is always a great way to begin dialogue with existing clients and potential new clients alike.

If we weren’t able to meet or speak at the conference, but you would like to speak further on Succession Planning or an approach to attract new talent, feel free to email or call me directly at or 717-207-8952.

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