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The Lunch Interview!

Congratulations! You have received a second interview for that dream job you’ve always wanted. Even better, it’s going to be over lunch, so you know the job is practically yours, as this will be an easy interview, right? Not so fast! Don’t assume that a lunch interview is easy. Here are a few pointers that may just help you land that coveted role. ​

  1. Be sure you know who will be attending the interview, and their titles and relationships to the job you’re considering. Often times other members of the company are included, so they’ll have an opportunity to meet you before you’re hired. And don’t assume it’s not an interview, because it is! The hiring leader likely wants to see how you interact with others and to observe you in a social setting.

  2. Know that the conversation will focus away from work. This is where a potential employer will want to learn about your interests outside of work. If you’re not a sports person, don’t try to be one. Talk about your interests, and topics you know. Of course, avoid the subjects of politics and religion at all costs.

  3. Make sure you “brush-up” on table etiquette. Know that your water glass is on your right and your bread plate is on the left. It’s a little embarrassing if you grab the wrong glass or plate, and trust me your lunch guest will notice.

  4. Be sure to order something simple that allows you to talk during the meal, as you will be doing most of the talking. And at lunch, do not order an alcoholic beverage. Even if your host does, it’s best at a lunch interview to avoid alcohol. Most companies now have policies against alcohol during business hours, and only during an after hours evening event would alcohol be served.

  5. Last but not least, be sure to know your resume and don’t try to wing it. Remember each of the lunch guests will have read your resume, or may even have brought a copy with them. If you get anything wrong on your resume such as a position title, or date, you will immediately lose credibility and you may not have enough time to get it back.

Be yourself and enjoy your lunch! With a little advanced planning and preparation you should be able to land the job!


Maury Hennessy is a Senior Search Consultant for the Insurance division of TCG. If you'd like to work with Maury, email her at or call her at 515-528-2614.

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