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CSO Tony Frey speaks at CAPA luncheon

In case you missed it, Chief Sales Officer, Tony Frey spoke to a room full of HR professionals earlier this month at the Carlisle Area Personnel Association (CAPA) luncheon run by the Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce.

In a presentation entitled, "Millennials: Can't we all just get along?" Tony discussed what defines a Millennial, plus how to attract & retain Millennials to and for your business.

The presentation concluded with the following summary, pulled from the MRINetwork 2017 Millennial Hiring Trends Survey:


Although most employers have a neutral focus on attracting millennial candidates, there are signs that in 2017, focus will heighten because generational differences are increasingly becoming an important component of diversity relations and succession planning at the workplace.

Recruiters & hiring authorities beginning to recognize the combined value, perspectives and impacts of integrating various generations into an organization’s teams, & engaging them through improved work synergies, mentorship and succession planning.

Employer brands that are able to model these attributes will have the most success with attracting and retaining today’s top millennial talent.


For more information on this topic and more, contact Tony Frey at 717-827-4403 or

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