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3 Effective Remote Interviewing Tips to Enhance Your Hiring Process During the Challenges of the COV

#1 – Keep the Technology Simple

Set-up and test your camera and the sound you will use for the interview. Utilize the camera on your laptop or purchase an inexpensive camera that rests on your monitor. If you use your phone, position it so that you can be hands free.

#2 – No Visual Distractions

The focus is on eye-contact with the candidate. Look at the camera with a lean-forward body language and engage. Close blinds that may cast shadows or darken your face. Be sure there are no photos or items behind you that would be distracting.

#3 – Remember, It’s Just Like a Face-to-Face Session

Careful listening, smart follow-up questions, and strategic use of silence to encourage candidate engagement. All your great interviewing experience and techniques still apply. After a few minutes of engaging the candidate you will see that it’s a real face-to-face session and powerful way to interview in these unprecedented times.


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