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Managing Career Change During a Pandemic

Prior to the massive social and economic disruption of COVID-19, I had several clients and candidates in the offer stages of new opportunities in the grocery retail industry.

For the most part, my clients’ company needs have remained the same. In some cases, the need to fill the position we were recruiting on increased ten-fold as the demands on the industry have been amplified the past few weeks.

On the candidates’ end, the biggest question has become how to navigate making a job change at a time when most of the world has been disrupted with a massive life change.

Here are a few thoughts on how to decide if now is the right time for you to change jobs:

  • Where will you have the greatest opportunity to serve the general public? Where will your talents have the greatest impact: In your current role or in the new opportunity being presented to you?

  • Which opportunity offers a more secure long-term future for you and your family? Remember to “see the forest through the trees.” Our current environment is temporary. This crises will pass. Will you be stronger in the future for making a change now?

  • If you are relocating, does your new location offer the resources you and your family need to stay healthy?

  • How will you connect with new co-workers that are working remotely/virtually? (I will post more thoughts on this topic in the near future.)

  • When is the appropriate time to resign? If your company is currently slammed with customers, and you don’t feel comfortable leaving your company in a lurch, offer an extended resignation time frame. A three or four-week notice will give your current company time to plan ahead for your departure and give you more time to plan your move. Odds are, you won’t get walked to the door upon notice if your company truly needs your help right now.

Hiring Mangers: BE FLEXIBLE with your employees’ needs right now! If a candidate needs a little extra time to resign or relocate, provide the extra resources needed. Go the extra step. Help a candidate’s spouse feel comfortable in his/her new location as well! Consider providing career coaching or professional networking opportunities in your area. Provide extra resources to acclimate candidates to local resources such as healthcare or real estate needs.


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