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Cheers to the WSIA Annual Marketplace!

Steve Bond, Search Consultant for the MGA/Insurance division of TCG, was pleased to join over 4900 professionals at the WSIA Annual Marketplace earlier this month.

It was a busy three days of meeting and networking! “It was a pleasure to meet with the Presidents and CEO’s of all the companies I have done business with, and for those that I have not seen for a while, it was nice to catch up,” said Steve. Steve looks forward to building new relationships with those he met for the for the first time and is eager to discuss how TCG can meet those organizations’ needs and expectations. He wishes to thank all those that he met and would enjoy setting up future discussions with those that I could not meet due to time constraints. Please contact him at or 717-689-2016 to discuss possible opportunities. Cheers to the 2020 WSIA Annual Marketplace! Hope to see you there!

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