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Let’s Get Engaged! (No diamond necessary.)

The two most popular questions in the search world: What is your fee? And, will you conduct this role on a contingency basis?

Maybe you have spoken to a company or been the company who says:

  • “The role has been open for months! We need this filled yesterday!”

  • “We have seen a lot of resumes but haven’t found the right fit.”

  • And even better, “We have multiple firms working on the search but still no viable candidates.”


Red flags go off to a search firm when they hear these statements!

  • Why haven’t you been able to find the right fit if the role has been open for months?

  • Why have you seen that number of resumes but haven’t found a person you can hire?

  • And why do you think that putting multiple firms on one search will make you successful?

  • Multiple search firms always equals zero partnership. The company won’t partner with the search firm and the search firm won’t dedicate their time to finding the best fit.

  • Candidates are getting contacted by multiple firms on the same role. How does that make your company look?

  • Search firms are sending over resumes as fast as they can so they can get that candidate to you before the next firm. In return the candidate knows very little about the role and the recruiter knows very little about the candidate. These candidates almost never come to fruition.

So you don’t have a partner, candidates are confused in the marketplace and you aren’t getting qualified candidates. No wonder this fails!


There has to be a better way for good search firms to partner with good companies to provide a great search process and produce the best talent in the market.

Kaitlyn Vinson, Search Consultant

TCG has used an “Engaged Search Model” for many years. It takes the best part of a contingency search (urgency to fill the role) and marries it with the best part of a retained search (the best qualified candidates) without having to pay all of the fee prior to hiring someone!

In our Engaged model, we provide:

  • A discounted fee. If you partner with us, we partner with you! (Yes, it’s cheaper to go engaged vs. contingency.)

  • We extend your guarantee period, so you are 100% positive you have a successful recruit.

  • You have our team’s commitment to fill your role. Two-thirds of the fee is due upon placement – making us committed to placing this person with you.

  • We provide on-site visits, weekly market updates, referral options, personality & EQi Assessments, Relocation Services, Background Check Services and more – for free with this model.

If you aren’t convinced that an engaged search is likely to be the best search process for your company, here are our stats:

  • Our candidate to placement ratio is 4:1

  • We submit qualified candidates within 3-4 weeks

  • We have a 97% candidate retention ratio

In the end, even if you don’t end up working with us, I implore you to explore the Engaged Search Model. You will be grateful you did.


For more information on what an Engaged Search could mean for your organization, reach out to Kaitlyn Vinson at or 717-207-9369.

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