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Not Receiving Enough Quality Applicants? It's Likely Your Employer Brand.

Your company is hiring, which means you’ve likely done the groundwork and communicated the job opening externally. So why aren’t there more A-player candidates knocking on your door?

Video: The key to attracting quality applicants

A recent LinkedIn survey of 26,000 professionals found that the main reason people don’t apply to a job is because they don’t have enough background about the company or even the position itself. If your company isn’t able to attract suitable candidates, it’s likely that your employer brand is lacking. Effective employment branding is able to attract even those who are not actively looking. Establishing a unique and compelling employer brand is one of the most effective ways to attract and keep top talent in your company.

According to Entrepreneur, out of more than 100 HR professionals and executives surveyed by Brandemix, 80 percent said they believe employer branding is effective. So, before you start your hiring efforts, consider the following steps for strengthening your employer brand:

Make a great first impression with a mobile, quick-apply process In today’s world, there isn’t much that hasn’t become mobile-friendly for consumers, and applying for a job is no different. Fueled by increasing candidate demand for simple, quick-apply processes that can be completed on the go, mobile-friendly applicant tracking systems are increasingly being used by recruiting firms and talent acquisition teams at companies to transform the job search experience. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 34 percent of respondents said their career sites were mobile-optimized, a 14 percentage-point increase from 2014.

Recognizing the need to attract the best talent with a quick, mobile-apply process, MRINetwork recently launched a new mobile-friendly, candidate job board on

Leverage existing employee advocacy and leadership

The focus of the employer brand has changed with the times, and the evolution of social media especially has made companies more transparent. As a result, potential candidates are more likely to listen to what a company’s employees have to say than its advertising tactics. Today, attracting talent relies much more on the advocacy and engagement of your employees.

“It’s important to keep in mind that your employees can either be your company’s strongest brand ambassadors or your biggest critics,” says Scott Bass, director of marketing & communications for MRINetwork. “These are the individuals who truly represent your company culture and brand. It’s their voice that potential candidates will trust most.”

Make it a team effort

The face of an organization should be well-rounded and include everyone from the top down. Potential applicants are just as interested in learning more about their future peers and co-workers as they are their managers, directors and even C-level executives. Make it a team effort by providing candidates the opportunity to hear from people at various levels in the organization. Whether it’s in the interview process, through employee testimonials on your website, or social media engagement, job seekers should receive the same message about what it’s like to work at your company.

Similarly, just as the messaging should be uniform across all company departments, the entire team should be living out the brand in the same way. This is accomplished through engaging with the community, demonstrating company values and exhibiting company work ethics.

Showcase company culture

Most potential candidates are looking for more than just a job; they’re looking for a career at a forward-thinking company with exciting opportunities and ideas. This is where you can really get creative with video and social media posts that bring to life your company’s culture (i.e. employee recognition, social events and charitable activities). In addition, try to showcase the day-to-day life of your organization, providing a realistic inside glimpse into the organization.

Consider outside perspectives

Sometimes being too close to your employer brand will prevent you from promoting it clearly to prospective candidates. If you’re looking to attract top, passive candidates, collaborating with an external recruiter could highly benefit your employer brand. With expert insight into the industry, a good recruiter will strategically leverage your brand to attract the best talent that is not necessarily on the market. In addition, skilled recruiters have visibility into what competitors are doing to attract the same caliber of talent.


By following these tips, you can build a captivating and sincere employer brand that actively attracts new talent while retaining your current workforce. “Above all, stay true to your brand in both your words and your actions,” says Bass. “Consistent, positive messaging about the employee experience at your company is key in positioning the organization as an employer of choice.”

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